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Amy Dyer//Kieren Walker



"Do the scary thing first…and get scared later."
When Did You See Her Last? by Lemony Snicket (via literarylines)

How’s the fish?
It’s good. Thanks, Dad.

Douglas Adams


Douglas Adams goes up to the counter and orders an Earl Grey.  The barista turns a handle, and there is a whirring that fills the entire coffee shop, followed by the screech of fingernails on a blackboard and something that sounds suspiciously like the theme from Scooby Doo.  It is the barista’s first day, and she has already been mistaken once for a barrister and once for J.S. Bach, so she (quite bravely) accepts that maybe strange things just happen in this particular Starbucks.  A mucusy batter flows reluctantly from the faucet, which was meant only to supply hot water. She shrugs, and hands it to Adams.  He shrugs, and drinks it.

Harriet Cains on being aware of Jem’s PTSD: I was aware of Post-Traumatic Stress as an issue and an illness people suffer with. I was very nervous about trying to make that real for people. I don’t want to make it caricature and for people to go ‘that’s not real at all’.” [x]

You beat it.

Where Is My Mind (Pixies cover)
Maxence Cyrin


Maxence Cyrin - Where Is My Mind (Pixies cover)

in the flesh + scenery - season 1 / ep.2

get to know me • [2/5] tv shows → in the flesh (2013 - present)